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Offset Printing

Offset Printing Has Distinct Advantages

The benefits of offset printing:

Precise Color Matching

Looking for custom graphic design services and creative design services? Our design professionals will make sure your business stands out visually across all advertising and marketing platforms!

From web to print, we provide graphic design services that are truly tailored to meet your business or personal needs. Your company’s visual identity is just as important as the underlying product or service itself, and we will work with you every step of the way to make sure you have the best graphic design services that will provide you with perfect representation of your brand.

Ideal For Printing Envelopes

Envelopes slightly vary in thickness because of the seams that are inherent with producing the envelopes. This small variation causes problems with most toner-based digital printing processes because they affect the paper feed mechanisms. Also, the high pressure that is exerted during the fusing step in digital printing may produce "ghost" images of the seams on the front of the envelope. Finally, most normal envelope window materials can not stand up to the high fuser temperatures that is inherent with the toner-based digital printing process.

Economical For Long Runs

The production costs of digital printing generally are generally independent of quantity and there is no set up cost. In contrast, offset printing has an initial cost for the printing plates and press set up but it has a much lower operating cost. Therefore, offset is generally less expensive for long runs.

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