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List Generation

A Proper Address List is Essential for Mail Marketing

After we help you craft the perfect message for your brand and design the best custom marketing pieces for your business, it is time utilize our list acquisition services to make sure the right target audience sees your attractive finished product and responds accordingly.

Why Choose Minuteman Press?

When you choose Minuteman Press as your business services provider, we will work with you to not only create the perfect piece of custom advertising with a well-crafted message and a strong call to action, but we will also make sure you reach the right target audience thanks to our high quality list acquisition services. Whether you are targeting specific age ranges, income levels or number of people in a household, we can help!

Next Steps

Step into your local center and our knowledgeable staff will create and customize your direct mail lists to make sure you reach the right target audience with the demographics you covet. We have the ability to create, customize, optimize and maintain your lists, and when you work with us you will get the type of personalized attention you deserve and the highest level of service you will find online or anywhere else.

How We Can Help You?

  • We’ll make sure you message reaches your preferred target audience
  • We'll customize and optimize list acquisition services tailored to your business needs
We are your one stop shop for all your printing needs.

Contact us online or call us to schedule your FREE Face-to-Face Consultation!