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Is Print Dead?

Is Print Dead or Dying?

The idea that print is dead or dying has been floating around for years and yet here we are today with the modern printing industry alive and thriving. In today’s marketing landscape, digital fatigue has set in, with one in five people surveyed needing “digital detox” and 70% of people admitting they are reducing their consumption of digital media.

Meanwhile, 70% of people are more likely to remember a brand that they see in print vs. online advertising. Print is also seen as a more trusted form of media than online platforms, with social media lagging behind.

Here are three reasons why the modern printing industry remains strong and how you can use print to market your business and establish brand awareness.


1. Direct Mail connects your brand with recipients in a way that sparks action.

According to the latest DMA Direct Mail Response Rate Report, the average response rate for direct mail is 9% for house lists and 5% for prospect lists. Compare that with email hovering around 0.12% and you can see why direct mail is a popular marketing channel for businesses who are looking to grow their brands.

DID YOU KNOW? 70% of people surveyed say that receiving mail is more personal than the Internet, and 73% of  consumers say they prefer direct mail for brand communication because they can read it at their convenience.


WATCH: Minuteman Press Every Door Direct Mail Video:


2. The Modern Printing Industry incorporates cost-effective full-color digital printing and large format printing that strengthens brand awareness and trust.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 89% of B2B Marketers say brand awareness is their most important goal. Printing helps achieve that goal because it is a tangible product that people can touch, feel, and trust. In fact, Marketing Sherpa reports that 82% of Internet users say they trust print ads when making purchasing decisions, making print media the most trusted form of advertising.

Digital printing and wide format printing innovations make it easier than ever for businesses to use print to their advantage. Color is also a huge factor in promoting your brand and making a lasting impression on customers. Color Matters indicates that a signature color or design boosts brand recognition by 80% so it is important for brands to show their true colors across all channels and touchpoints.

DID YOU KNOW?  Over 60% of online searches are conducted because of print marketing campaigns.


3. Today’s printing industry goes beyond traditional print and incorporates custom branded apparel and promotional products that are useful, functional, and highly influential.

The printing industry is not dying and is far from dead because of print’s versatility and flexibility as a marketing tool. Custom branded apparel is a popular form of print marketing that enables customers to wear your brand and gives them a tangible way to show brand loyalty. Promotional apparel such as T-shirts and outerwear are top brand influencers that helps your brand travel further.

Promotional products as a whole allow your brand to be displayed in people’s homes, cars, and offices in a meaningful way and have tremendous staying power. Pens, calendars, mobile phone power banks, mugs, and thousands more promotional items are able to be imprinted with your logo and banding. Adding promotional products to your marketing program will help you connect your brand to your clients in a way that is fondly remembered when they need your products and services.

DID YOU KNOW? It takes 5 to 7 brand impressions for consumers to remember your company logo and branding.


The next time someone asks, “Is Print Dead or Dying?”, you can confidently answer with an emphatic “No!” The truth is that the printing industry is alive and well, which is a huge benefit to both emerging and top brands that are looking to strengthen and reinforce brand awareness and gain influence with consumers.